Yoga For Runners

Yoga for Runners Book

The author of Yoga for Runners (Bloomsbury Publishing) Lexie can tailor yoga techniques specifically to cater for runners. This would cover specific stretches to offset the repetitive impact of running as well as building strength in areas such as the feet and ankles and knees to improve strength and resilience and reduce injury. 

Lexie has worked 1/2/1 with many runners, held Yoga for Runners and Cyclists workshops in London, and also held regular group sessions for the Surrey-based Elmbridge Road Runners. She has also written articles on yoga and stretching for magazines including Runner’s World, Athletics Weekly and Trail Running and the Guardian online (can we create a link to this article? It’s called What are the best stretches for runners?) and held run-specific yoga sessions the running kit brand On and the London fitness show Be Fit London.