Yoga For Cyclists

Yoga for Cyclists

Yoga is excellent at reducing tension and maintaining mobility in a sport like cycling where the upper body remains relatively static for long periods potentially leading to issues with the back, neck and shoulders. Cycling-specific stretching can also guard against, and provide relief from common cycling overuse issues such as sore hip flexors, iliotibial band syndrome and piriformis syndrome leaving you to ride for longer in comfort.

Lexie is a keen cyclist and a ride leader at Surrey-based triathlon club The Viceroys. She is the author of Yoga for Cyclists, published by Bloomsbury, and was part of the freelance feature writing team for Cycling Weekly and sister publication Cycling Fitness. Lexie teaches cyclists and triathletes 1/2/1 and has also held club sessions for London Dynamo, Thames Turbo and Kent Velo Girls.