The Stretching Bible is a one-stop guide to improving flexibility while Yoga for Runners and Yoga for Cyclists are practical manuals for athletes looking to incorporate yoga into their training schedule to enhance performance and recovery. See below for reviews.

"Finally, a book for all of us." The Washing Machine Post

“A genuinely useful guide that will soon have tattered edges through use” 

About Yoga for Cyclists

Yoga for Cyclists is a practical manual for road cyclists keen to use yoga’s flexibility and core strength techniques to ride for longer, in more comfort. The book’s sport-specific stretches will help achieve a more aerodynamic riding stance and avoid common muscular niggles as lower back or neck ache while readers can use the mental tricks to survive long, tough rides. Yoga for Cyclists is a no-nonsense resource that relates every stretch, core-strengthening, mental training, breathing and recovery technique back to riding performance.

"The bible for runners who want to include yoga to enhance their running performance." Athletics Weekly

“A fantastic new book.”
Running Fitness

About Yoga for Runners

A highly targeted guide designed for anyone wishing to become a stronger, smoother, injury resistant runner. Aside from targeting running injury hotspots such as the hamstrings, hips and Achilles, Yoga for Runners also tackles good posture or ‘running tall,’ breathing for endurance and a menu of mental tricks to silence those racing or training doubts. Select individual yoga techniques or choose from a range of ready-made, run-specific sequences.

“Read for answers to all of your stretching questions and then some.” Women’s Fitness


About The Stretching Bible

A one-stop resource for anyone looking to improve flexibility and mobility whatever their age or ability. The Stretching Bible includes over 80 ready-made sequences. It is divided into three sections: Anatomy (lower back, knees or shoulders) Sequences (desk worker, seniors, kids or de-stressing) and Sport (warm-up and cool down techniques for 20 sports, from American football to weight training). A clearly-organised, easy reference guide for all.

‘Excellent book which is already yielding results.’

‘Brilliant, well-written and easy to follow. The easy quick, well-explained exercises helped me to release tension in my neck, shoulders and back and are enjoyable to do. Highly recommended.’

About Move

An aspirational and inclusive guide to reaping the “feel-good” benefits of dynamic stretching. Aside from improved flexibility, these include better posture, reduced back strain and the mental “brain boost” that results from increased blood flow during movement. Move explores dynamic stretching, or slow flowing movement. This is the most effective way to increase joint range of motion, thereby allowing us to move comfortably and freely, as we were born to do. 
Uniquely designed to explore just six key move sequences each containing the main planes of motion: flexion (forward bending), extension (back bending), side bending and rotation. They can be used either as five-minute stand-alone routines, or tagged together to form a longer flexibility sequence as you might experience in a flow yoga class.