Three athletes describe how Lexie has helped improve their performance.

Pat Logan

World’s Third Fastest Sprinter over 50, 200m

I am always on the look-out for a training method that will help me to train harder and longer without getting injured. I realised that I gave very little attention to warming down after my five training session per week. I was intrigued when Lexie told me about sports-specific yoga and readily signed up for a few one-to-one sessions. Lexie started by giving me a full body assessment to work out my strengths and weaknesses in terms of flexibility against the demands of my sport. She assessed by technique on video and on the track and, between us, we constructed a warm-down programme just for me. She also developed a routine to stop me picking up aches and pains whilst working on my computer all day. It was strange at first to master the moves and the breathing techniques but Lexie was patient and encouraging. She listened to my feedback and tweaked the routine so that I could do it with confidence. It was then up to me to make it a regular part of my training. I intend to go back to Lexie every six weeks to adjust my exercises and techniques. Lexie has been a tremendous help in allowing me to meet my goals this year and I have no reluctance in recommending her to fellow athletes. Three months after our first yoga session, I came second in the 200m and third in the 100m in the recent 2011 Master’s World Championships.

Phill Sykes

Sigma Sports Specialized Racing Team

Previous to being a case study for Lexie I have had very little experience of Yoga. I had attended a couple of classes with a view to improving my flexibility but didn’t really understand what other benefits I could get from practising the art.

Strangely the flexibility has not been my area of development since starting with Lexie and it is my breathing that has seen a drastic improvement when pushing hard on a bike. Up until now I would take myself to the limit and my breathing would very much show that as it would be very loud and forced. Using different techniques I have learnt to control the flow of breath in both directions and feel more in control when in the red. I would certainly recommend this style of Yoga to other athletes that are searching for new ways to improve their performance.

Victoria Mullin

2012 Ladies British Air Pistol Champion and Highest ranked British Athlete 2012 London World Cup Air Pistol competition (35/82)

Shooting is known as ‘the mental sport’ because mind control is such an important component to your performance. Therefore it is essential for shooters to successfully train their minds. Personally I have found the mental side of the sport challenging, and finding techniques to help even more so. In the past I have relied on outside forces such as music to help keep calm and to focus my mind. This technique has many flaws such as the rule against music on the firing line. Once the match started I was once again alone with my mind. At the end of 2011 I was most fortunate to be introduced to Lexie.

Her yoga techniques do not just relax the body, but also the mind. By introducing me to new techniques focused around my breathing, Lexie has taught me to how to keep calm and focused whilst I prepare for, and during, my match. My new techniques allow me to be in control every step of the way. I no longer need to ensure my iPod is fully charged as my breathing is my key. Lexie teaches with patience and ensures she under- stands her athlete’s sport and, arguably more importantly, their goals in sport and in life. These techniques are logical and, as long as they are practised, you could say they will become bullet proof.